Code of Ethics

Sports Turf Canada has a Mandate to promote better, safer sports turf. To achieve that mandate it is expected the Members of the Association will honour a Code of Ethics which is a guide to their ethical and professional conduct.

  • A member will hold paramount the safety of the athlete, and his/her employee, and protect the environment in the performance of his/her professional responsibilities.
  • A member shall act fairly, honestly and in a manner he/she would be prepared to defend publicly.
  • A member will provide the highest level of professional service to his/her clients, employers and others in the industry his/her training will permit.
  • A member will not make any false or malicious statement that may injure the professional reputation of another member.
  • A member will continue to endeavour to improve his/her professional knowledge and skill that he/she may fulfil the Mandate of the Association.
  • A member will abide by the laws of Canada and the Province in which he/she is employed.