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Host a hassle-free Sports Turf Management Course at your location! We'll bring the experienced instructor, equipment, course materials, and meals. You cover the room cost and staff attendance while we care for the rest.

Hosting a course is quite easy and we make it as painless as possible. 

We will bring the instructor, laptop, projector (if needed), course materials, samples, and breakfast / lunch to your location.  You would provide a room suitable for approximately 15-20 people, with the ability to project a presentation onto a screen/tv/monitor and access to a sports field so we can go out on the field and extend the classroom learning in a practical format.  You would cover the cost of the room, pay for your staff to attend (discounts do apply depending on volume) and we would cover the rest of the costs.

There are two options for hosting:  you can designate the course specifically for your own staff (we like a commitment of 10 learners – one of which receives a complimentary fee for your hosting – I’m not sure if you have that many staff involved in your sports field maintenance) OR we can invite surrounding municipalities and their staff to also attend.  It’s up to you to select which option you prefer.

Interested? Click on course of interest. 

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