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As a member or non-member, you can purchase books such as Understanding Turf Management or the Athletic Field Construction Manual.

As a member of Sports Turf Canada, the door is opened to an even wider range of information and education such as the Sports Turf Manager magazine and The Michael J. Bladon Educational Link related to the Michigan State University Turfgrass Information File (TGIF)

Sports Turf Manager

Published four times a year, Sports Turf Manager is the ONLY Canadian publication specific to the sports turf industry. It’s the GO-TO publication for on-going education for Sports Turf Canada members, associates and industry professionals.

Without this publication, the sports turf industry would be without a quarterly update on the trends, best practices, resources and products specific to sports turf.

Sports Turf Manager is available to our members in print and pdf format. Past issues may be found online through The Michigan State University Turfgrass Information File or TGIF.

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