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Sports Turf Manager of the Year Award

Sports Turf Canada established the Sports Turf Manager of the Year Award program in order to encourage, support and acknowledge those working in the sports turf industry.

We invite nominations for an individual who is:

  • Engaged in a management or practitioner role in the sports turf industry
  • Engaged in regular professional development activities
  • Regarded as an active contributor to the profession and the industry
  • Regarded as progressive, displaying outstanding performance in any one of a number of key categories, suggested but not limited to:
    • Community Outreach
    • Commitment to Continuing Education and Professional Development (i.e. accrual of a diploma, degree or special certification)
    • Environmental Stewardship/Green Initiatives (i.e. responsible nutrient management, carbon reductions, water conservation, habitat creation, facility improvements, etc.)
    • Health and Safety (internal or external)
    • Progressive Management Techniques for Sports Turf
    • Project Management
    • Special Promotion of the Profession
    • Stewardship of Interns or Students
    • Workplace Improvements and/or innovations
    • Other


  • Nominees must be current non-commercial members in good standing of Sports Turf Canada
  • Members of the Association Board of Directors or Awards Committee are not eligible as nominator or nominee
  • Sponsors are not eligible as nominator or nominee


  • Nominees will be judged on the basis of the information contained in the above criteria and supplementary material
  • Nominations must be received by March 31 for consideration.
  • Presentation will be made to the award recipient at an appropriate industry conference or event

Nominator must submit:

  • A completed Sports Turf Manager of the Year Nomination Form
  • Supplementary information detailing the manner in which the Nominee meets the Criteria and the particulars of why the Nominee should be considered for the Sports Turf Manager of the Year Award. Letters of support (maximum of 3) will strengthen the nomination.

Sports Turf Manager of the Year 2014 – current

Ray Stukas, City of Toronto (2014)
Robert Heggie, BMO Stadium & KIA Training Ground Academy (2015)
Greg Lampman, Town of Oakville (2016)
Hugh Norris, City of Surrey BC (2017)
Joe Breedon, City of Barrie ON (2018)

Dave Boehmer, City of Guelph ON (2019)

Gorden Horsman, City of Moncton, NB (2020)

Trevor Warner, City of Woodstock, ON (2021)

Chris Zerebeski, City of Saskatoon (2022)

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